Information Technology (Software) Apprenticeship - Degree


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Job Description

Information Technology is at the beating heart of our innovative business.  Join a software team and you’ll support app development and testing – from the web, to smart phones and BT systems.

Aside from developing software to meet a customer’s needs, a software role in BT TSO could involve designing products that the developers will go on to create. A software role could also involve end-to-end testing which is about making sure the software that has been developed, works how the customer wants it to. You could be working on infrastructure which is about making sure the servers and hardware are set up and ready for our customers or you could be involved in technical delivery management which is about making sure projects run on time and are joined up.

Regardless of the type of software role you do, at BT, you’ll get to experience the full deployment process in a large corporate environment.

Entry Requirements

You must have, or expect to achieve, 5 good Highers, plus 4 subjects at National 5 including English and Maths. Equivalent qualifications are accepted.

The ability to learn and pick new skills up quickly and effectively is really important for a role in software. Furthermore, good communication and listening stills are crucial in making sure you capture everything the customer requires. You'll learn to be organised and to communicate with people at all levels within the organisation.

Whatever your background, there are ten particular qualities that we expect everyone here to demonstrate.  We call them strengths.  Do you share them?


On the job training and attendance at college or university.

Qualifications Achieved

You will achieve a full degree.